Keep it Simple

we want to simplify food, and with our peanut butter we have nothing but a few ingredients in each jar, we are tired of products with 54949545 ingredients that are unknown.

Be Natural

ironically, peanut butter which is more runny is how it should be, we will always keep it that way with a mission to change the perception of peanut butter globally.

Have a cause

we pride ourselves in having a meaning far beyond the great peanut butter - see more here


we want to constantly innovate, redefining food in new ways never seen before - watch this space!

We pride ourselves being completely preservative and additive free not to mention having no added oils to our products. Sure this means you will have to stir it for a little bit of time each time you use it, but it means you know you are literally getting the healthiest form of peanut butter - nothing added but the great flavours you asked for.